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ERP Fundamentals


ERP for schools and colleges, clubs, professional organizations and SMEs


Offered to you as Saas, i.e.,Software-as-a-service



  1. Efficiently maintain accounts of clients without having to use a 3rd party Financial Accounting Software.
  2. Accept online payment  from clients without having to sign up with a 3rd party payment gateway ... And the best part is that the corresponding client accounts get automatically credited !
  3. Sell your products and services to clients online without having to sign up with a 3rd party eCommerce platform
  4. Provide excellent service to your clients using built-in Helpdesk and CRM
  5. And last but not least, ERP Fundamentals is highly customizable. Please let us know of any special requirements you have, and we shall custom develop the corresponding software for you.


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ERP Fundamentals is hosted in the Google Cloud


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(Saas charges Rs. 25000/- per month 3rd month onwards)


Dedicated Support / Customization